Halloween is just around the corner and this year we’re talking about Avengers costumes.  The Avengers are a group of Marvel Comics superheroes that came together to form a team of super powers to fight the super villains that no “one” superhero could alone.Captain America - NEW!

Look for The Avengers movie coming to the silver screen in 2012.  Yep, you’ll get to see Thor, Captain America, Ironman and more larger than life!  What I wouldn’t have given to have had these heroes on the movie screen when I was a kid.  But modern technology, quality of movie making, attention to details…just weren’t there as they are today.  Now is a great time to be a kid, and I still am one at heart.

Captain America is indeed the first Avenger!  And this regal costume stands tall, loud and proud.  The Deluxe Captain America muscle costume features a chiseled chest, ripped abs, the full jumpsuit also has muscles in the legs!  The mask has amazing details and also comes with the gloves,
Toddler Thorboot-covers and belt.  Be sure to purchase Captain America’s Shield for the complete ensemble.

The Mighty Thor is another rockin Avenger that lends his mighty hammer to the team with thunderous power.  New is the Toddler Thor muscle costume.  This muscle outfit features the full  blue bottomed jumpsuit and a black top with chest and arm muscles. Also included is Thor’s headpiece with attached wings.  Pick up Thor’s Mighty Hammer and your little guy is ready to powerhouse trick or treating this year!

The Incredible Hulk costumes are plenty to choose from.  They can range from $13.00 all the way up to $750.00, depending on how intense you want your Avengers costumes to get this year!

Black Widow Adult They all are great and all you need is the green makeup and you’re set.

For the woman that wants to add to her sex appeal, there is the Black Widow.  3D wrist cuffs, the black belt and the deep blue fake leather jumpsuit that hugs the Black Widow’s entire body, really offers this Marvel character to be not only one of the best looking superheroes but the most mysterious.  Pick up some awesome black boots and this outfit will surely get some attention at the Halloween party this year.

IronMan DeluxeThe Invincible Ironman costume comes as a very high quality full jumpsuit complete with enclosed hands and shoe covers, shoulder pieces and a chest piece thats molded which features an awsome light up arch reactor, thigh mold pieces and a full Ironman helmet.  Ironman certainly is a force this Halloween.

The Amazing Spiderman adds to the superhero team with the classic red and blue jumpsuit. Fully enclosed hands and feet and mask make this costume the real deal.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE will know this costume is made for serious Spiderman fans and will get noticed at every party.

Spiderman Deluxe


There are many more Marvel Superhero Costumes available as well.  Feel free to check our navigation box at the upper-right hand side of this website.  Dressing up in your favorite Avengers Costumes is just the begining of having the time of your life this pumpkin carving season.

Many Halloween parties, the trick or treating with the kids, handing out candy to those that go door to door, and the costume contests.  Every year it’s different, that’s what makes Halloween such an awesome time of the year.  You really can make the theme whatever you choose.

So when it comes to heading out for the night of Halloween fun, be safe.  In your Avengers costumes make sure that the kids understand trick or treat safety as well.  Cheers and have a very safe Halloween!




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